Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Episode 20: What's Up With Technology These Days

My Smooth Sailing and Showhole co-host, Jason, joins me for a conversation about technology. We discuss the past and the present and maybe even look at where it's heading in the future. Don't worry, it's a more lighthearted conversation than you might think.

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Smooth Sailing Podcast

The Showhole

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  1. I teach at University (part-time), and one of the things I teach about is the implications of technology on reading (my PhD is in literature). The shift to digital books has wide-ranging implications. If we no longer have physical books, do we need libraries? What do we do with the space allocated to libraries? What about librarians? Do they face unemployment?

    I try to show my students that technological change creates ripples in society that we aren't always aware of and that we need try to anticipate these changes as much as we can. Loom beyond the obvious and look deeper.

    Steve DocPinko


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