Thursday, February 22, 2018

ISO 202: ...And Then Things Got Kooky

So apparently there was this guy who was supposedly a couple thousand years old and he was well liked in the days of Louis XV. We have cosplayers (historical re-enactors) and stories of a man who apparently never died...and that's not the weird part.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

ISO 201: Silly Superstitions

We kick off Season 2 of the In Search Of... series discussing the Lost Dutchman Mine. We discuss the gold rush, greed, and wardrobe choices. There is one story that was the impetus for the mine actually being famous, and we get a fascinating history of Apache legend.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

ISO Season 1 Wrap-Up Show

This week we take the time to talk about Season 1 and reflect on doing a podcast on this series. It's been fun and next week Season 2 will begin (it already has). We hand out awards and even rate the season on our special Turtleneck scale. The spoilers are below.

Kay Hoffman Woo Awards:
Oliver: Psychic Detectives
Steve: Psychic Detectives
Jasen: Ghosts

Worst Episode:
Steve: Inca Treasure
Oliver: Oracle Chamber
Jasen: Oracle Chamber

Carl Sagan Voice of Reason Episode:
Jasen: Martians
Steve: Earthquakes
Oliver: Killer Bees

Ultimate Character:
Oliver: Bevy Yeager (Hon. Mention, the yogurt)
Steve: Creepy Voice Guy
Jasen: Grover Krantz

Best Episode:
Steve: Bermuda Triangle
Jasen: The Magic of Stonehenge
Oliver: Amelia Earhart

Love to Hate Episode:
Oliver: Psychic Detectives
Jasen: Psychic Detectives
Steve: Psychic Detectives

Turtleneck Rating (1 to 5):
Jasen: 3 out of 5
Steve: 3.5 out of 5
Oliver: 2 out of 5

Thursday, February 1, 2018

ISO 124: Overblown Cosplay

We have reached the end of season one, and it appears that the In Search Of... producers have pulled out all the stops. We have everything in this episode, including mention of Merlin and Druids. It's a great way to end the season.