Thursday, January 23, 2020

ISO Season 5 Wrap-Up Show

Somehow, someway, we made it to the end of another season. We discuss the past season and we also discuss the future.

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Kay Hoffman Woo Awards:
Jasen: Faith Healing
Steve: Acupuncture
Oliver: Super Children

Worst Episode:
Jasen: Great Lovers
Steve: Great Lovers
Oliver: Great Lovers

Carl Sagan Voice Of Reason Episode:
Jasen: George Abell (Moon Madness)
Steve: George Abell (Moon Madness)
Oliver: Linda Caparell (Salem Witches)

Ultimate Character:
Jasen: All the fake bearded Chinese explorers
Steve: Arnold Lieber (Moon Madness)
Oliver: Glenn Doman (Super Children)

Best Episode (Actual):
Jasen: The Hindenburg Disaster
Steve: The Lusitania
Oliver: The Death Of Marilyn Monroe

Best Episode (Crazy Factor):
Jasen: Laugh Therapy
Steve: Laugh Therapy
Oliver: Laugh Therapy

Love To Hate Episode:
Jasen: Moon Madness (Because of the argument)
Steve: UFO Coverups
Oliver: Castle Of Secrets

Nimoystache Rating (1 to 5):
Jasen: 2.21
Steve: 2.0
Oliver: 2.5

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